Public Service Company of Colorado

Archive  GTS Communication 4-17-19
 Cold Weather Warning beginning Friday March 29th
 Baxter Gathering System In Service February 25 2019
 Baxter Gathering System February 18 2019
 DCP Spindle Residue Plant Change in Operations
 Rifle Gas Plant Resumes Operations November 1, 2018
 RTU - Incomplete & Missing Measurement
 Labor Day Nomination Deadline
 Allocation Issues Resolved for July and Aug 2018
 Index of Customers 2018-07-02
 Active TIGT-Rockpoint Delivery Point July 17, 2018
 June 2018 Maintenance Calendar
 Over-Delivery Imbalance Caution May 25 2018
 Memorial Day Holiday Posting May 24 2018
 May 1, 2018 - Completed Annual Firm Transport Service changes
 May 2018 Maintenance Calendar
 Under-delivery Caution April 13-15 2018.doc
 Under-delivery Caution April 6, 2018.doc
 April 2018 Maintenance Calendar
 Over-delivery Caution March 24.doc
 Rifle Gas Plant-Change in Operations April 2018
 March 2018 Maintenance Calendar
 Under-delivery Caution February 19 through 20
 February 2018 Maintenance Calendar
 Imbalance Caution beginning January 25
 Under-delivery Caution
 January 2018 Maintenance Calendar Revised
 January 2018 Maintenance Calendar
 Arctic Weather Warning beginning Thursday, December 21, 2017
 December Maintenance Calendar 12 15 17 Revised
 PSCo Sheduling Personnel Notice
 December Maintenance Calendar 11 30 17
 Over-Delivery Imbalance Caution November 21, 2017
 November Maintenance Calendar Revised 10 31 17
 November Maintenance Calendar 10 30 17
 Under-delivery Imbalance Caution October 26-27, 2017
 Updated-Delay in Gas Transportation Billing from Xcel Energy
 Delay in Gas Transportation Billing from Xcel Energy
 Over-Delivery Imbalance Caution
 Rifle Gas Plant Resumes Operations November 1, 2017
 October Maintenance Calendar 9 29 17
 Under-delivery Imbalance Caution September 2017
 September Maintenance Calendar 8 31 17
 Labor Day Holiday Notice
 August Maintenance Calendar 7 21 17
 July Maintenance Calendar 6 27 17
 Encryption message - May 1 2017
 Independence Day Holiday Notice
 June Maintenance Calendar REV 6 20 17
 June Maintenance Calendar 5 31 17
 Annual PDQ Resets Effective May 1st 2017
 Memorial Day 2017 Holiday Notice
 Cold Weather Warning beginning Thursday May 18th
 May 1st 2017 - Firm Transport Rate Schedule changes
 May Maintenance Calendar 4 28 17
 Extreme Cold Weather Warning beginning Friday April 28th 2017
 Maintenance Calendar REV 4 26 17
 Maintenance Calendar REV 4 13 17
 Under-delivery Caution starting April 3rd
 PSCo Maintenance Calendar
 Rifle Gas Plant-Change in Operations April 2017
 Consultant-Broker-Marketer List
 Over-delivery Caution starting February 15th
 Over-delivery caution February 9th 2017
 Under-delivery Operational Flow Order January 5 2017
 Arctic Weather Warning beginning Tuesday January 3rd
 Cold Weather Warning beginning Saturday December 17
 Cold Weather Warning beginning Tuesday December 6th
 Strained Operating Condition Lifted
 Thanksgiving Holiday Notice
 Over-Delivery Imbalance Warning
 Overdelivery Caution beginning October 21
 Operational Flow Order beginning Saturday October 15 2016
 Overdelivery Caution beginning October 14
 Rifle Gas Plant Resumes Operations November 1, 2016
 AKA Residue Plant Maintenance Effective Gas Day October 11th
 Imbalance Management One on One
 Wattenberg Residue Plant Resume to Normal Operations October 7, 2016
 Overdelivery Caution - October 8th - 9th Weekend
 Wattenberg Residue Plant Down October 3, 2016
 Overdelivery caution through October 20th
 PSCo Baxter CS Update
 PSCo Baxter Compressor Station Critical Notice
 REVISED Labor Day 2016 Holiday Scheduling Deadlines
 Labor Day 2016 Holiday Scheduling Deadlines
 July 4th Holiday Notice
 Memorial Day Holiday Notice 2016
 OFO Under-Delivery Gas Days April 29-May 1
 Over-delivery Caution April 21.doc
 May 1st 2016 - Firm Transport Rate Schedule changes
 OFO Under Deliveries beginning 041516
 New Nomination Deadline March 31st
 Under-delivery Caution starting March 30
 Same Day Under Delivery OFO
 Under-delivery Caution - Guidelines starting March 21
 Under-delivery Caution, Spring Guidelines
 Revised Rifle Gas Plant-Change in Operations April 2016
 Rifle Gas Plant-Change in Operations April 2016
 Cold Weather Continues - Feb 3 guidelines
 Over-delivery Warning Continues
 Tariff changes planned for new nomination deadline
 Over-delivery warning starting Feb 13
 Resume e-mailing attachments
 Warm Weather Warning starting January 28
 Hold on sending E-mails with attachments
 Cold Weather Warning beginning Friday January 8th
 Under-delivery caution 12-28-15
 Cold Weather Warning starting Dec 15
 Supplier-Marketer List
 Transportation Communication Compatibility - Reminder
 OFO Tolerance Range of 15 Percent Continues
 Cooler weather begins Wednesday -Oct 21
 OFO Tolerance Range Modification
 Rifle Gas Plant - Nov 3, 2015 Operations
 PSCo OFO Update and Weather Caution
 Overdelivery OFO starting Oct 1
 PSCo Over-delivery Caution Oct 1st
 Customer Meeting Reminder
 PDQ Resets Effective May 1st 2015
 2015 NGS Cust. Mtg. Invite
 Cold Weather May 9 and 10
 Transportation Shipper Meeting to be held on June 22
 May 1st 2015 - Firm Transport Rate Schedule changes
 Estimated usage data may occur in Pronto
 Unsubscribed Capacity 04 01 15
 Index of Customers_04-01-15
 Overdelivery caution begins Saturday
 Rifle Gas Plant-Change in Operations 2015
 Warm Weather - Overdelivery caution
 OFO Ends, Nom Guidelines
 Under-delivery OFO February 26th
 Cold Weather Continues
 When to E-mail Noms
 Update - Resource gas at Chalk Bluffs Hub - Dec 30, 31
 Christmas Day and New Year's Day Holiday Notice
 Under-delivery OFO beginning Monday December 29
 Estimated usage data in Pronto
 New System Alert Process for Interruptible Gas
 OFO Ends January 1
 Shippers - Resource gas at Chalk Bluffs Hub - Dec 30, 31
 Arctic weather update 1 guidelines
 Over Delivery Caution beginning Dec 6
 Index of Customers_01-01-15
 NGS Office Hours - November 18, 2014
 More arctic weather starting Saturday
 Pronto Returns to Standard Mountain Time
 Over delivery OFO 110114
 OFO Caution Nov 1
 New Receipt Points Available 10 27 14
 Rifle Gas Plant - Nov 1 2014 Operations
 OFO warning starting Oct 24
 OFO for Gas Days Oct 4 - 6
 OFO extended through Gas Day Oct 8
 Vail Valley Pipeline Maintenance Sept 2-5
 Corrected Notice of Force Majeure
 Baxter Compressor Station Unscheduled Maintenance
 Interruptible Gas Transportation Interruption Information Packet 2014
 Memorial Day Holiday Notice
 Cold Weather Advisory May 11-12th
 Weather Advisory May 8th
 May 1st 2014 - Firm Transport Rate Schedule changes
 Imbalance Advisory thru April 2014
 Rifle Gas Plant-Change in Operations
 Under-Delivery OFO 030114
 Cold Weather Caution Feb 8 & 9 2014
 Revised Under delivery OFO Feb 5 2014
 Under Delivery OFO - Feb 5, 2014
 Prolonged Period of Extreme Cold Beginning January 31
 PRONTO Nominations - JAVA update may be required
 Approved Fuel Reimbursement effective Jan 1st 2014
 CAUTION-POTENTIAL INTERRUPTION for December 5 through December 8, 2013
 COLD WEATHER CAUTION beginning Nov 20, 2013
 NGS Holiday Office Hours 2013
 MV90 Maintenance this Weekend
 Weekend Over-delivery Imbalance Warning - Nov 2-3
 Over-delivery imbalance warning Oct 25-27
 Information regarding Phone line issues
 Fall 2013 Imbalance Caution
 New Transport Bill Format - Sep 2013
 WLW Outage - Force Majeure
 EDE for new Denver Primary Receipt Requests
 PDQ Resets Effective May 1st 2013
 Under-Delivery OFO April 22-23, 2013
 COLD WEATHER WARNING begnning April 15
 OFO Under-Delivered April 10, 2013
 OFO Under-Delivered April 9, 2013
 COLD WEATHER WARNING begnning April 9
 No OFO for April 1
 Over-Delivery caution starting March 29th
 OFO Under-Delivered March 23-25 2013
 COLD WEATHER CAUTION beginning March 23
 Allocations for Gas Day March 14, 2013
 Delay of Allocations for Gas Day March 14, 2013
 Feb 14 2013 - Nomination Deadline Extended to Noon
 Imbalance Management Caution
 FRP Rate Filing
 FRP Rate Filing - Suspended and Set for Hearing
 Over-delivery reminder 012413
 Over-Delivery warning starting Jan 23rd
 Call to increase noms - Artic Cold Jan 1, 2nd
 COLD WEATHER CAUTION beginning December 25
 Cold Weather Caution December 8
 Fuel Filing for Jan 1st 2013
 Interruptible Test Call November 13 2012
 OFO ends 8 AM Nov 10
 OFO Gas Days November 7-9 2012
 Imbalance Guidance November 2012
 Over-Delivery warning 103012
 Rifle Gas Plant Operational Notification
 Over-Delivery WARNING starting October 20
 October Imbalance Caution
 RGP Maintenance Sep 24-28
 Imbalance Caution 091112
 CIG - Rifle Nominations
 Over-Delivery Caution posted 071912
 Holiday Notice
 PDQ Resets Effective May 1st 2012
 May 1st 2012 - Firm Transport Rate Schedule changes
 Moving Day Friday, April 13
 OFO Lifted 4 4 12
 Sales to Transport Conversions
 Sales to Transport Conversions
 Over-Delivery WARNING starting March 23
 Under-Delivery Caution February 7th
 Great response to Over-Delivery Caution
 2012 NGS Customer Meeting
 Over-Delivery Caution Starting Dec 29
 TI Shippers CIG-Pueblo Winter Noms
 2012 Transportation Shipper Meeting
 Cold Weather October 25
 Over-Delivery Caution posted 102011
 Over-Delivery Caution posted 101111
 Over-Delivery Caution 092211
 Fall Imbalance Caution
 Notice of Interruptible Transport Mailing
 RGP Maintenance Aug 1 to 4
 PDQ Resets Effective May 1st, 2011
 NorthWest delivery meter removed
 Boulder Occupational Tax Update
 Updated reporting of PDQ Changes
 Identify PDQs Effective May 1st 2011
 Rates at a Glance
 NW Del Mtr Removed
 Imbalance Caution April 4 2011
 Over-Delivery Caution posted 4-1-11
 General System Information 2011-04
 Imbalance Caution March 28 - May 20
 RGP Maintenance March 22-24
 Fax change for requesting Gas Sales Usage History
 Under-delivery OFO Jan 12 to Jan 16
 Underdelivery OFO April 13 2007
 Wattenberg Partial Recovery
 Wattenberg Outage
 Wattenberg outage June 27
 Wattenberg Noms-June 29
 Wattenberg Noms-June 28
 Weekend Payback Caution
 Update Weather Advisory April 16
 Update Cold Weather Advisory April 3
 Weekend Weather Caution
 Sales GCA Chart
 Cold Weather Advisory October 10 - 11
 Colder Weather Warning Early Next Week
 Phase II Rate Case Notice
 Phase II Document Links
 Boulder Occupational Tax
 Under-Delivery OFO 2-8-2011
 Over-Delivery Caution posted 2-10-11
 Arctic Weather Warning starting February 8
 Consultant-Broker-Marketer List
 OFO Same Day Jan 31st Under-delivery
 Nomination deadline extended through 4 PM today
 Feb 1st, 2011 - OFO UNDER DELIVERY
 Arctic Weather Warning starting Feb 1st
 Change to Sales History Requests
 Arctic Weather Warning starting February 1
 Arctic weather warning